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Women’s Wooden Watches - Your new lifestyle

Posted by Hristo Aleksandrov on

When discussing about the gender that is most crazy and conscious about fashion between men and women, then give it to the women. They are the morning raising stars of the world as the nature has beautified them even from the beginning of the creation. However, women lifestyle and sense of fashions are surrounded by plastic, treated leather, synthetic fabric, metal and glass items. So, much of our everyday products are manufactured, processed, sterile and emotionless.

But when we add wood accents to our daily lives, be it in the form of card holder, a pen, or most especially an item we look at frequently such as a wood watch; we maintain a connection to the natural world amid all of the artificial things that surround us. While we may not always control our environment in which we must spend the majority of our time, we can still carry little pieces of a more natural place with us wherever we go.

Why Wood Watch Should Be Lifestyle for Women

In today's world, everyone love being in touch with nature and live a simple and casual life. The latest rage in fashion watches today are wood watches. They are known as being very fashionable. These timepieces have always been loved but there are many qualities that make them desirable.

More so, in the era of the smartphone and wearable technology, watches have taken a backseat in terms of being a must have women’s accessory. Regardless, it definitely helps to carry a wood watch to hang onto your connection to the earth even in the urban jungle.

However, in terms of status symbols and the ability to add a touch of old world classes to any ensemble, wood watches are still very much the go-to accessory as they are being redefined in a more palatable way. An immense amount of time and effort put into every hand crafted piece. Now, here are some great reasons women consider wearing a wooden watch:

They stand out because they are different, and naturally beautiful. Natural variation in wood grain ensures that no two watches will be exactly the same. Nature produces distinct wood grain patterns even within the same tree. This adds to the warmth, uniqueness, and character of each watch.

Also, any watch made of wood is light-weight. Generally speaking, women always want to be at occasion very light including in their accessories and wood watch will be a better option for this

This is a fact that for all watches that are 100% wood. Most of them are half the weight of a watch with a metal band.

Again, the lifestyles of women are not to their skin detriment. These watches are hypoallergenic with non-toxic finish. This is great for many people who are allergic to metal against their skin.


Often, it means that some people cannot wear even the finest jewelry with the purest of metals simply because of histamine reactions in their skin cells. Metal allergies can discolor the skin and cause severe irritation or rashes. But with a wood watch though, metal allergies are never a concern as women can enjoy attractive jewelry in the form of wooden timepieces with beautifully crafted wristbands and backing.



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